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White Paper Co. is committed to sustainability including recycling everything and anything we can. In 2009, White Paper Co. was awarded the Certificate of Diversion for diverting 1,187 cubic yards of recycled material from landfills. That volume would fill 593 full sized pick-up trucks. As a result, White Paper Co. sequestered approximately 178 tonnes of carbon emissions. View 2009 certificate.

This was a significant improvement over 2008 of 791 cubic yards of recycled material or 396 filled full sized pick-up trucks. White Paper Co. made this possible with our company-wide Recycling Program which includes recycling all everything from print cartridges to cut-offs from print jobs. View 2008 certificate.

Other Environmental Initiatives include:

Becoming Carbon Neutral

In September 2010 White Paper Co. made the commitment to become a completely carbon neutral company. In order to become Carbon Neutral an organization needs to offset their annual CO2 emissions with non-carbon emissions or alternatives that don't emit CO2 into the environment. One of the primary strategies being used in achieving this was through the installation of Solar Panels on the roof of the Markham branch which was completed in January 2012. The power generated not only powers the Markham facility but also helps generate power for other businesses in the surrounding area, thus reducing the overall impact on the environment.

White Paper Co. completed the installation of a 135 kilowatt system comprising of 548 individual-245 watt Poly Crystalline Solar Photovoltaic panels. Estimated yearly production for the system is 165,607 kilowatt of solar energy produced. One kilowatt hour equals the amount of electricity required to burn a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours. The energy produced from our solar panels in one month can power that light bulb for 69,003 days or 189 years.” An average household uses approximately 866 kilowatt hours per month. Our system has enough energy to delivery power to 191 homes each month.

To offset their own CO2 emissions, White Paper Co. has connected to the Ontario power grid which enables the extra energy generated from their solar panels to be distributed and consumed by local residents and businesses. A one-kilowatt home solar system will prevent approximately 170 pounds of coal from being burned; 300 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere; and 105 gallons of water from being consumed each month. White Paper Co.’s 135 kilowatt system is estimated to save 64.4 tonnes of Carbon emissions annually. This is also estimated to save approximately 3,000 trees per year.

FSC Certification

FSC certification is given by the Forest Stewardship Council who is an international non-profit organization which has created a global standard for responsible forestry. They've developed regulations which ensure paper is chain of custody tracked from forest to shelf and to ensure it came from a forest-friendly source. Offering FSC Certified products and services allows us to help our customers reach their green objectives making a continued impact on preserving our environment. Learn about our FSC Certified copy paper options or our FSC Certified printing options.

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