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To help reduce our impact on the environment, we use water soluble and vegetable oil based inks for printing. To further help reduce our impact, White Paper Co. offers FSC Certified printing services. Printing on FSC Certified paper shows an ongoing commitment to ensure paper has a traceable history from a stewarded forest - through the paper making, paper distribution and printing process. It is this "Chain of Custody" process that demands responsible forest practices.

We encourage our customers to purchase FSC Certified paper to preserve old-growth forests thus ensuring ecosystems are not harmed and forests maintain biodiversity.

What is FSC?

FSC Certification is given by the Forest Stewardship Council who is an international non-profit organization which has created a global standard for responsible forestry. They've developed regulations which ensure paper is chain of custody tracked from forest to shelf and to ensure it came from a forest-friendly source.

The FSC Process

Our Account Managers allow our customers to make the right choice of FSC Certified paper for their print jobs and will facilitate the approved FSC logo on their printed piece. The descriptions on the FSC logo vary depending on the paper that is chosen and provide details of the source of the paper for their audience. Different FSC logo styles can be chosen by the customer to suit their printed piece including background color, text color and logo orientation. Please ask our Account Managers for more information on our FSC Certification or Printing Services.


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