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Eco Copy Paper

White Paper Co.'s long term goal is to provide environmentally committed customers recycled and FSC Certified Paper options and to help others see the benefits of environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Did you know that for each box of paper you use per week, you can preserve 25 trees each year just by switching to recycled paper?

Try our environmental calculator to learn how much environmental impact your company can reduce.

Recycled Paper Options

White Paper Co. offers recycled paper with an industry standard of 30% post-consumer content and also offers up to 100% post-consumer content. Consistent quality offers our recycled paper with superior runnability and jam-free performance. Ask one of our Account Managers about our recycled paper or view our most popular recycled sheets.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper

Purchasing FSC Certified paper is one way for your company to do their part in assuring that the fiber which was used to make the paper did not come from old-growth forests. This prevents ecosystems from being harmed and helps maintain forest biodiversity. Ask one of our Account Managers about our FSC Certified paper or view our most popular FSC Certified sheets.

Certificate of Green Leadership

White Paper Co. recognizes the effort our customers make to help preserve the environment. To show our acknowledgement of these efforts, we've put together a Certificate of Green Leadership program which recognizes customers who've made considerable contributions in leading by example.

103 customers purchasing recycled or FSC Certified copy paper received certificates in 2009 for their outstanding efforts. Together, our customers preserved over 10,000 trees for the future just by switching to an environmentally friendly sheet. Their efforts also sequestered approximately over 30,000 lbs of water-borne waste, 4.4 million gallons of wastewater, 500,000 lbs of solid waste, 1 million lbs net greenhouse gasses and 7.4 billion BTU's of energy. Congratulations on your efforts.


Recycled copy paper Recycled copy paper
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