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Promotional Hard Goods

Promotional products can be broken out into two categories: promotional apparel and promotional hard goods. There are thousands of hard goods offered to you and it can be overwhelming deciding on what promotional product is best suited for you. Below is a list of the most popular promotional hard goods.

Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Hard Goods:


Writing Instruments: Writing Instruments such as promotional pens are the most popular hard goods sold. Pens are essential for business and are one of those essentials that you just can't have too many of.


Drinkware: Stainless steel travel mugs, thermoses, coffee mugs and drinking glasses are used by everyone thus have universal appeal.


Textiles: Bags, umbrellas, flags, banners and blankets are all considered textiles and have had a significant increase in popularity in the last couple of years.


Calendars: Promotional calendars are generally only handed out at the end of the year but because everyone needs one at their desk, they are the fourth most popular promotional product.

   Desk, Office & Business Accessories: Any item used at a desk or for business can be considered to be in this category including staplers, portfolios, padfolios and brief cases. They are the fundamentals of doing business.  

Buttons, Ribbons, Stickers & Badges: Inexpensive doesn't mean ineffective. Inexpensive promotional products can be just as effective as expensive ones as long as you use them appropriately.


Sporting Goods & Leisure Products: Select promotional products which align with the interests of your audience. For example, give binoculars or backpacks to avid hikers, flashlights and compasses for enthusiastic campers.

   Plaques & Trophies: Employee recognition is one of the most popular applications of promotional products. They show appreciation and have the ability to motivate employees.
  Computer-Related: Since the advent of the computer, related products have exploded onto the scene. Computer related products can be tricky as gifts because the speed of technology can make your promotional products obsolete. However, some ideas include: USB's, mousepads, speakers and headphones.   Food Gifts: Gift baskets, chocolates and candy always put smiles on people's faces. To ensure your message carry's on long after they've eaten the food item include a product they can keep or package the food gift in one such as a reusable tin, mug or bag.

Name Brand Promotional Products

Here are just a few of the popular name brands we offer:Brands


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