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Digital Printing

Modern digital print technology provides cost-effective printing on all your short-run print jobs.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing uses electronic patterns instead of physical templates which are used in offset printing. This means digital printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for commercial printing resulting in lower upfront costs. Digital printing can be accomplished through several different technologies including ink jet, dry toner and electoink.

How can you benefit from our digital Printing Services?

Cost-Effective Short Runs: With digital printing, you can produce short-run projects at lower costs. While the unit cost of each piece may be higher than with offset printing, when you factor in the upfront costs, digital printing provides a lower unit cost for your print runs.

Variable Printing: Digital printing allows you to take advantage of variable printing for your direct mail, customer relationship development and advertising needs. Variable printing is a form of customizing your printed pieces using information from a database. Personalized cards, calendars and more can be printed with a different name, address or message on each piece.

Quick Turnaround Times: Digital printing requires less setup than offset printing which means a faster turnaround on your print job for you.

Accurate Samples: Digital printing allows you to see an actual sample of your printed piece so you know exactly how your printed piece is going to look. Charges may apply for accurate colour proofing for offset printing.

Identical Prints: Every print is identical with digital printing because ink and water doesn't have to be balanced during the press run.



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