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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Tailor to the unique interests of each recipient by using our variable print services. With digital press and variable technology, each printed impression can have unique text copy and images to match your customer's or prospect's interests. Personalized marketing campaigns have been proven to provide better results than non-targeted campaigns. Develop a more personal dialogue with your customers or prospects with customized calendars, cards, brochures and flyers.

Personalize Your Cards

Get more personal with customized postcards, greeting cards and invitations using variable print. Tailor to the unique interests of each recipient by selecting from our templates and printing their name, company name or a personalized message on each card. Your customers will truly feel special.

Customize Your Calendars

White Paper Co. offers full customizable calendars. Select a different image for every month, incorporate a message or name into each image and write a personalized message on each page of your calendar. You can even customize your calendar's fonts and colours.

Get Better Marketing Results

Variable print goes far beyond variable cards and calendars. The possibilities are endless. If you'd like to personalize your flyers and brochures or other material, we can help. Variable print is a great way to convey any message you'd like to send to your audience.


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