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WPC is awarded the Certificate of Diversion for recycling 791 cubic yards of material

White Paper Co. is recognized by Urban Impact Recycling Ltd. for diverting 791 cubic yards of recycled material from landfills, or a volume that would fill 396 full sized pick-up trucks. As a result, White Paper Co. sequestered approximately 119 tonnes of carbon emissions.

White Paper Co. made this possible with their company-wide Recycling Program. All employees are reminded to recycle all paper, plastic, cardboard, pallets, dead inventory and cut-offs from print jobs in order to preserve the environment.

White Paper Co. is committed to sustainability and is doing their part in many other ways including:

  • Printing marketing material on recycled and FSC Certified Paper
  • Encouraging customers to use our online Catalogues instead of hard copies.
  • Encouraging our staff to use water coolers instead of water bottles
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by using combined delivery for orders
  • Offering recycled and FSC Certified paper, eco-friendly printing services, recycled office supplies and recycled promotional products. Learn more about White Paper Co.'s eco-friendly options.
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